It can be paralyzing to try to figure out what you should do in the world.

Especially when we start to wake up to the deeper human experience.

When we are indoctrinated and asleep, it is easy to to know what to do.

Make money. Get stuff. Gain prestige and fame.

Or for many of us, simply survive. Do whatever you have to do.

Even if that means manipulate, deceive, or destroy.

We see evidence everywhere of a planet ravished by people who are playing the game of life with a limited understanding of the rules.

But what about sustainability? What about integrity? What about reducing suffering or spreading kindness?

Why is the news filled with rich and famous, but we can barely name more than a few selfless souls?

We might name some rich and powerful who have donated large sums. Or human symbols that we have elevated to myths — like the Dalai Lama. Or Mother Teresa.

The external world gives us little motivation to be good — and do good.

We have to find that motivation inside.

And once we do, we quickly learn that what is inside is all that matters.

Money in the bank can give a sense of security. But security is different from peace.

So we are left with the question: What do we do?

We may reach out to a charity and try to volunteer. We may donate some money.

These are wonderful ways to help.

But there is often a deeper ache. It doesn’t feel like enough.

We think, “someday I’ll do something meaningful.”

But we forget that every moment is meaningful.

In science fiction movies when people travel back in time they are warned that anything they do in the past could have dramatic effects on the present. And yet we hardly ever think about how anything we do in the present can have dramatic effects on the future.*

Your daily interactions. Your word choice. The kindness you share in your smile.

Every single interaction creates ripples.

So stop thinking about how to change the world.

Know that you ARE changing the world.

Who you are in every moment changes the world.

Focus on HOW you want to change the world.

5 months ago i decided that I want to BE a more loving person in the world.
From that place I looked for small things I could DO.

I decided to…

1) Do a Facebook Live every morning to share gratitude and say “I love you” to everyone who popped in.

2) Force myself to cheerfully say, “Good morning!” to every neighbor I passed on my morning walk.

150 days later I am still doing both these things every day.

Have I started a massive global movement? Nope.

But I have touched 30–40 people every day.

And those people have touched people.

Who knows what butterfly effect those ripples will produce?

The future remains insecure and uncertain…but there is a peace to knowing you are making the world a kinder place.

*I saw this idea in a meme. Author unknown.




Love more. Fear less. Float more. Steer less. Host of @HugNation every Tues. @1pm PST

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John Halcyon Styn

John Halcyon Styn

Love more. Fear less. Float more. Steer less. Host of @HugNation every Tues. @1pm PST

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